About Us


FDF Enterprises, Inc. was founded in September 2000 by brothers Dan and Frank Fini. Together the two have over 30 years of combined experience in all phases of construction and land development. FDF builds homes in all parts of Orange County, NY and its surrounding areas as well.


The Fini Family has built an outstanding record in the Hudson Valley over two generations and continues to be recognized today for satisfying homeowners no matter how big or small the project may be. Prior to FDF, Dan served as president of FASA Construction and oversaw all daily operations during the construction process. His experience as a licensed real estate broker is what gives him the insight and ability to project what is best for each individual homeowner. Dan's attention to detail and need for precision has translated into exceptional building practices which are evident in his finished work.


Before partnering with his brother, Frank was owner of Frank L. Fini Construction and built custom homes to fit all different lifestyles. Frank manages every aspect of day to day operations and his presence is made known daily on all of our job sites. His on site dedication reassures our customers their home will be built without the possibility of overlooking any detail no matter how minor. Starting out as a carpenter in the beginning of his career has led Frank to take great pride in all phases of the construction process making sure his customers are delivered a final product nothing short of excellent.


It makes no difference how big or small you feel the job at hand is. We treat each venture like its the only one and strive to give every homeowner a sense of comfort and ease during the building process. Our foundations are built on pride, honesty, and the underlying attention to detail that separates us from other custom home builders in the area. We understand that building a home, whether it be your first or the home you'll retire in can be a very big decision, and our intentions don't vary from making it a smooth and satisfying experience.


At FDF Enterprises, Inc. we pride ourselves with customer commitment by not only building the perfect home for them, but by building a relationship as well.